Binance Blockchain Fundamentals Quiz Answers | Course 1

Binance Academy Courses Answers

Binance has recently announced a new education initiative for everyone and Binance blockchain fundamentals quiz answers can help you complete this new academy course. 

In this program there are total six courses that need to be completed. For every course a number of video tutorials are provided from which you can gain crypto knowledge and blockchain.

Binance academy courses are available for both Binance as well as non-Binance users. At this time you can complete the four courses that are available. The remaining courses are be added soon.

If you manage to complete all the academy courses then you will be able claim one NFT certificate for the beginner track. Meanwhile you can also earn some free crypto tokens from Binance learn and earn quiz.

Binance Academy Courses | Beginner Track

Course 1Blockchain fundamentals
Course 2Crypto fundamentals
Course 3Decentralization
Course 4Web3 and metaverse
Course 5Trading Fundamentals
Course 6Trading and investing strategies

How To Complete The Binance Blockchain Quiz?

1. First go to the Binance academy website page and login to your account.

2. There are six courses out of which only four courses are live now, remaining will be added soon.

3. Select the first course ‘blockchain fundamentals’ and tap on learn now option.

4. Each course consists of a number of video tutorials, articles and quizzes.

5. Complete them one by one and submit the correct quiz answers.

6. After you complete all the 6 courses, you can claim your NFT certificate.

Binance Blockchain Fundamentals Quiz Answers

  • Introduction to blockchain technology | Module 1

Q. How does a block connect to another?

Answer: Through the use of hash functions

  • Brief history of blockchain technology | Module 2

Q. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

Answer: Option a, b, c and d

  • How does blockchain work | Module 3

Q. Blockchain technology can be used by a network of strangers who don’t trust each other by relying on a mix of:

Answer: Game theory and cryptography

  • Blockchain consensus mechanisms: PoW and PoS | Module 4

Q. What are the differences between Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms?

Answer: Option b, c and d

  • Blockchain network structure: nodes and forks | Module 5

Q. What is a soft fork?

Answer: Option b and d

  • Blockchain use cases and limitations | Module 6

Q. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

Answer: Option a, b and c

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