Binance Crypto Fundamentals Quiz Answers | Course 2

Binance Crypto Fundamentals Quiz Answers

Academy course 2 of the beginner track is live now, it’s of only 21 minutes and consist of five modules. This module explains cryptocurrencies types, use of crypto wallets and many more. Binance crypto fundamentals quiz answers for Academy 2nd course are given below, start watching short videos now, submit the quiz answers and complete this new course.

And if you are yet to complete the first course then go through blockchain fundamentals quiz answers which are already updated. 

Binance Academy Course 2 Details

TimeEach of 4 minutes
No of question1 question per quiz
LinkClick here

Binance Crypto Fundamentals Quiz Answers

  • Module 1: What are cryptocurrencies?

How are cryptocurrencies different from digital currencies?

Answer: Option a and c

  • Module 2: Introduction to Bitcoin

Which of the following statement is/are correct?

Answer: Option a, b, c and d

  • Module 3: Understanding different types of cryptocurrencies

What is the key difference between a coin and a token?

Answer: A coin is the native asset of a blockchain, while a token is built on top of the blockchain

  • Module 4: Centralized and decentralized exchanges

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

Answer: Option a, c and d

  • Module 5: How to use crypto wallets

What’s the difference between a hot and a cold crypto wallet?

Answer: Option b, c and d

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