Binance Gift Card Monthly Quiz Answers: Win 5 BUSD Reward

Binance Gift Card Quiz

Binance gift card quiz answers – Binance is one of the famous crypto exchanges all over the world and it is be the only crypto exchange that launches exciting events or campaigns every day for its users.

It is great source of earning free cryptocurrencies. Currently it is running learn and earn Binance gift card campaign quiz where users can win 5 BUSD gift card if selected as winner.

The quiz is available only to new users who never send or received gift card. Total 200 winners can win 5 BUSD reward every month till the quiz campaign ends.

Coinbase also keep quizzes from which you can earn free cryptos. Currently you can complete the learn and earn Coinbase kava quiz and claim $3 free.

Quiz Campaign Details

  • Activity period: Monthly recurring (Trial for Q1 – until 31 March 2023)
  • Eligibility: New users who never send or received Binance gift card
  • Rewards distribution: First-come, first-serve basis
  • Winners: monthly 200 winners
  • Reward: 5 BUSD gift card

How To Participate In This Campaign?

1. To participate in this Binance campaign you can directly visit the given link.

2. Now login to your Binance account using your email id or mobile number.

3. You will get a quiz form having seven questions.

4. Successfully complete the quiz by answering 5/7 questions correctly.

5. After taking the quiz, you need to send your first Binance gift card to become eligible for reward.

Binance Gift Card Monthly Quiz Answers

Q1. What is a Binance gift card?

Answer is: A gift card lets you send and receive cryptocurrency in a fast, simple, and customizable way with zero fees to both Binance and non-Binance users

Q2. With Binance gift card, you can:

Answer is: All are correct

Q3. Cashback gift cards provide the user cashback in:

Answer is: Gift Cards

Q4. Sending crypto with a gift card requires:

Answer is: Funds in your spot/funding wallet for payment

Q5. Physical Binance gift cards support over:

Answer is: 270+ cryptocurrencies

Q6. A Stablecoin-Denomination gift card allows you to:

Answer is: Gift cryptocurrencies in an amount fixed to the value of another asset

Q7. The Binancegift card marketplace is a place to:

Answer is: All are correct

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