Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $1.2 HFT

Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers

Hashflow is a new quiz in the Binance learning quiz, where you can claim 2 HKT tokens worth approximately 1 dollar. Binance Hashflow quiz answers can help you get $1 free.

Users who never subscribe to any simple earn locked products before are eligible to get HFT rewards that will remain locked for 150 days. Currently the price of 2 HFT is 1 dollar as shown on Coinmarketcap.

Rewards 2 HFT
Staking duration 150 days
Standard annualized interest rate 10%

Articles and video tutorials regarding the upcoming quiz are already available on the Binance academy web page. Login to your account and you can start reading now on Hashflow.

What is Hashflow?

Through Hashflow, people can buy and sell digital assets safely and securely without any losses. It connects different digital asset networks allowing users to execute trades.

Hashflow is a decentralized exchange DEX, just connect your wallet and you can trade any asset on any chain in a few seconds.

Swaping digital assets across different blockchain networks via Hashflow makes it much faster and simpler to move digital assets from one blockchain network to another.

How To Complete Binance Hashflow Quiz?

  • Go to the Binance quiz page from here – Hashflow quiz
  • After watching videos and reading articles, you will get quiz option.
  • See at the right corner of your screen, tap on take quiz option.
  • Attempt all questions correctly and submit it.
  • Done! You will receive 2 HKT in locked state for 150 days.

Binance Hashflow Quiz Answers

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Q1. Which exchange was the first to list the Hashflow token (HFT)?

Answer: Binance

Q2. How much does Hashflow charge in fees?

Answer: 0%

Q3. What makes Hashflow different from other DEXs?

Answer: Hashflow uses the RFQ model for market making

Q4. What is HFT’s utility?

Answer: Governance and in-DAO Health & Rewards

Q5. What is unique about trading on Hashflow?

Answer: All are correct

Q6. How does one start trading on Hashflow?

Answer: Connect your wallet

Q7. What is The Hashverse?

Answer: Hashflow’s story-driven and gamified governance DAO

Q8. What is Hashflow’s total volume?

Answer: $11 billion

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