Binance Hooked Protocol Quiz Answers: Free $1.5 Worth HOOK Token

Binance Hooked Protocol Quiz Answers

If you are looking for Binance Hooked Protocol quiz answers, then hold on you are on the right page. The quiz is expected to go live on 30th January 2023.

The quiz will test your knowledge of Hooked Protocol and if you pass the quiz then Binance will reward you with 0.6 HOOK crypto coins of approximately 1.5 dollars.

Topics covered are how it works and what benefits it offers to users. This is Binance EduFi program, a new initiative that aims to provide education on crypto blockchains and crypto assets.

You can increase your knowledge and crypto balance too from the Binance learn and earn program. Every month it announces new round of learn earn so better you keep one Binance account in handy.

Binance Hooked Protocol Quiz

Quiz nameBinance learn & earn Hooked Protocol quiz
Rewards0.6 HOOK coin in locked state for 150 days
Date & timeFrom 30th January 2023, 09:00 UTC
EligibilityAll users with a KYC verified Binance account
WinnersFirst come first served basis!

About Hooked Protocol & HOOK Token

Hooked Protocol is a platform that encourages people to learn about web3 and participate in blockchain-based projects.

Through educational approach like providing quizzes, etc. make the learning process fun and engaging for users simultaneously giving rewards for completing those activities.

It’s an interactive way for people to learn about the exciting new world of web3. Hooked Protocol can give a push to players to engage in web3 technology via educational initiatives and incentives.

Social graph is a term user by Hooked Protocol, that works by giving users the ability to refer their friends and family to the platform, and in turn, they can earn rewards for doing so.

Its first DApp, wild cash, launched in 2022 that provides gamified experiences like quiz to earn, mining game, social referrals, staking and swapping through Hook wallet and have monthly active users of around three million.

There are two tokens used by this protocol, Hooked Gold Token (HGT)and HOOK, one is its utility token and the other is governance token.

How To Earn $1.5 From Binance HOOK Quiz?

  • Open the Binance Hooked Protocol quiz page.
  • Watch the given video and read articles, questions are based the topic itself.
  • You will get ‘take quiz’ option, after the quiz goes live.
  • Quiz answers will be updated soon on this page.
  • Earn $1.5 HOOK after completing the quiz.

Binance Hooked Protocol Quiz Answers

Q1. What is Hooked Protocol?

Answer is Web3 Gamified Social Learning Platform

Q2. What is the first pilot app of Hooked Protocol?

Answer is Wild Cash

Q3. What is the latest number of monthly active users of Wild Cash?

Answer is Over 3 Million

Q4. What network did Hooked Protocol first launch on?

Answer is BNB Chain

Q5. How many Hook will be in the circulating supply upon listing?

Answer is 10% of total supply

Q6. How does the Hooked token structure work?

Answer is There is an only utility token uHGT

Q7. Which one of the following is the HOOK token function?

Answer is All are correct

Q8. Hooked Protocol is building the on-ramp layer for massive Web3 adoption, providing tailored Learn & Earn products and onboarding infrastructures for users & businesses to enter the new world of web3. True or false?

Answer is True

Q9. Who are the target users that Hooked Protocol will provide services to fulfill the mission?

Answer is All are correct

Q10. What are the highlights of Hooked Protocol achieved so far?

Answer is All are correct

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