Binance MENA P2P Quiz Answers: Learn & Trade To Win Trading Fee Rebate Vouchers

Binance MENA P2P Quiz Answers

Binance is back a new learn and trade event from which you can win trading fee rebate vouchers. Binance MENA P2P quiz answers can help you to get all answers correctly.

This promotional event has two activities; learning and trading, but I am mainly focusing on the first activity which includes learn, trade and complete a quiz.

You can win a share from $17,000 in trading fee rebate vouchers if you complete all the tasks given for that activity and become eligible. 

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QuizBinance Learn and trade MENA P2P quiz
Activity periodJan 30 to Feb 13, 2023
Taskslearn, trade and complete a quiz
Prize pool$17000 trading fee rebate vouchers

What is Trading Fee Rebate Voucher?

Earlier Trading fee rebate vouchers were known as cashback vouchers. You can enjoy spot market trading fee rebate/refund for a limited period using these vouchers. Binance gives your trading fee back in the form of rebate vouchers for a limited time period.

Every voucher has it expiry date and it has to be redeemed from account > reward center before it expires. Also you cannot exchange trading fee rebate voucher for any other rewards. 

How To Complete Binance Learn & Trade Quiz?

  • Visit this link and register for the learn and trade event.
  • Read the articles on Binance P2P that are given on the event page.
  • Take the quiz and complete it, Binance MENA P2P quiz answers are given below.
  • Accumulate a trading volume of at least $1,000 including buys and sells across qualified spot trading pairs.
  • Eligible winners will share a prize pool of $17,000 in trading fee rebate vouchers.
  • Vouchers will be distributed within two weeks after the activity ends.

Binance Learn & Trade MENA P2P Quiz Answers

Please note that the answers given here are for your reference purposes only.

Q1. If you post P2P ads on Binance P2P, you are a ______.

Ans – Maker

Q2. As a taker, what should you do before placing an order on Binance P2P?

Ans – All are correct

Q3. What does the payment time in buy ads mean?

Ans – A and B are correct

Q4. If you overpaid your counterparty, what should you do?

Ans – A and D are correct

Q5. If you have not received payment as a seller but the order is marked as paid, what should you do?

Ans – B, C and D are correct

Q6. What are the things you should confirm before releasing the order as a seller?

Ans – All are correct

Q7. You place an order on Binance P2P but the maker asks you to cancel the order and complete the trade offline. What should you do?

Ans – Abort the transaction immediately and report the counterparty to Customer Service representatives

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