Coinbase Kava Quiz Answers: Learn And Earn $3 in KAVA Tokens

Coinbase Kava Quiz

In this post, I have updated the Coinbase Kava quiz answers. On completing this new quiz you can claim assured $3 in Kava crypto tokens.

Only three questions are asked and prior to each question, a short video clip is played which is of 10 to 15 seconds. The video explains kava plus gives you a hint regarding the question.

The crypto tokens earned from the quiz are instantly credited to the Coinbase account. This earning opportunity to earn crypto doesn’t last long, so try now!

Also, crypto rewards are limited and as far as I know, some of the Coinbase quizzes are region specific and may be available in every country.

How To Earn $3 From The Kava Quiz?

1. Login or signup to your Coinbase account.

2. Go to the learning rewards section from the menu or from below.

3. Scroll down, there you will get learn and earn $3 Kava quiz.

4. Complete the quiz and claim $3 worth KAVA tokens for free.

5. Coinbase Kava quiz answers are given below.

6. The crypto quiz rewards are limited to some countries only.

Kava Coinbase Quiz Answers

1. How does Kava Rise fuel protocol growth on the Kava network?

  • A. Through a combination of onchain incentives and offchain developer resources.
  • B. Through a play-to-earn game maker and platform
  • C. Through a NFT creation tool and marketplace
  • D. Through a decentralized platform for borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies

Answer: Option A

2. What are the 3 main steps to start earning rewards through Kava Rise?

  • A. Launch, grow and earn
  • B. Launch, stake and earn
  • C. Build, deploy and grow
  • D. Deploy, earn and stake

Answer: Option A

3. How do KAVA token holder help fuel growth on the network?

  • A. By staking their KAVA to vote on KavaDAO proposals that control the network’s resources
  • B. By trading their KAVA for NFTs in popular marketplaces
  • C. By lending their KAVA tokens on decentralized finance protocols
  • D. By shopping at retailers that accept KAVA token payments

Answer: Option A

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