Free $3 NEAR From Near Protocol Coinbase Quiz Answers

Coinbase Near Protocol Quiz

Want some free crypto tokens? today’s new learn and earn quiz can given you assured crypto rewards. Coinbase near protocol quiz answers have also been added that can give you $3 of NEAR tokens for free.

Nowadays many crypto sites are providing learning incentive or rewards in the form of crypto tokens and Coinbase is one of them. It is basically a foreign crypto exchange platform.

Coinbase gives free cryptos to only those eligible users who complete watching a series of videos and pass the learn and earn quiz by scoring 100%.

Today’s quiz is about Near protocol, learn how it works and you can earn $3 in NEAR rewards in just three simple steps. 

  • Watch educational tutorials about different cryptocurrencies.
  • Test your knowledge by completing the quiz.
  • Earn crypto for every quiz you complete.

The above given steps applies to every new quiz that is added in the Coinbase learn and earn page. It requires only 2 minutes to earn free crypto tokens from every Coinbase earn quiz.

Please note that, the quiz rewards are available only for specific countries for a limited time period and the rewards are distributed on a first come first serve basis!

Below given is the link for the Coinbase learning rewards page, click on it and complete the today’s near protocol quiz to earn $3 NEAR crypto coins.

Coinbase Near Protocol Quiz Answers

Question 1. What is NEAR?

Ans: NEAR is a simple-to-use, fast and secure climate-neutral blockchain built for developers by developers

Question 2. What can the NEAR token be used for?

Ans: To interact with apps and participate in governance on NEAR

Question 3. What format does NEAR use for wallet addresses?

Ans: Natural language like “dave.near

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