Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $15 SHPING

Coinbase Shping Quiz

Coinbase Shping quiz answers – A very exclusive quiz coming from Coinbase that can give you assured $15 worth of SHPING tokens free instantly.

Start the course now and complete the quiz to get 15 dollars. The Coinbase learning rewards works in a simple way like you need to watch video, complete quiz and grab cryptos.

One important thing is account verification is mandatory otherwise you cannot claim any token you get from Coinbase learn and earn quiz courses.

$15 is a huge amount that you are getting by just taking a simple quiz whose answers are already provided below. Grab now before the SHPING reward limit exhausts.

How To Earn $15 From Shping Quiz?

  • Go to Coinbase earn quiz page and login to your account.
  • Select Shping quiz and click on start course.
  • Watch video and complete the quiz.
  • At the end claim $15 SHPING.
  • Reward will be added to your Coinbase wallet.

Coinbase Shping Quiz Answers

Question 1. How can brands interact with consumers using Shping?

Answer is Brands can reward consumers for engagement

Question 2. SHPING rewards are indexed against which stablecoin?

Answer is USDT

Question 3. After soft-launching in Australia, how many users has the Shping app grown to?

Answer is Over 300,000 users

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