Coindcx Learn & Earn Doge Quiz Answers: Win ₹100 Worth DOGE

Coindcx Learn & Earn Doge Quiz Answers

Coindcx learn & earn Doge quiz answers

A new incentive-based learning program launched by Coindcx to promote crypto awareness and to educate people about the crypto space, similar to Binance learn and earn.

It is a good opportunity for all crypto exciters to learn about specific crypto assets while earning them. But today’s DOGE quiz may not be available for all Coindcx users.

Basically in Coindcx learn and earn quiz, they provide short courses that help us to understand different crypto assets and at end if we pass the quiz by giving at least 60% correct answer then we get rewards.

Crypto rewards are fixed for every quiz and winners are randomly announced. Currently, Coindcx DOGE quiz is running from which you can earn INR 100 worth of DOGE coins.

Participate And Win DOGE Worth INR 100

The coindcx doge quiz is user specific and it is available in some accounts only. So if you see the quiz in your account then submit the answers to win ₹100 worth of DOGE coin for free.

  • Open the Coindcx app and login.
  • Search for the doge quiz by sliding the banner.
  • Start the quiz, there are total of four questions with options.
  • Give the answers and at last subit your Coindcx registered email id.
  • Coindcx Doge quiz answers are given below.

Coindcx Learn & Earn Doge Quiz Answers

Q1. What is Dogecoin?

  • a. Peer to peer trading platform
  • b. Platform to platform lending mechanism
  • c. Peer to peer open source crypto

Correct answer: (c) Peer to peer open source crypto

Q2. What does $DOGE provide to its users

  • a. Decentralisation, Anonymity, Secure Environment
  • b. Faster throughput, centralisation, anonymity
  • c. Community, Faster throughput, centralisation

Correct answer: (a) Decentralisation, Anonymity, Secure Environment

Q3. What is the market cap of Dogecoin?

  • a. $3 Billion, as of Nov’22
  • b. $2.5 Billion, as of Nov ’22
  • c. $4.7 Billion, as of Nov ’22

Correct answer: (c) $4.7 Billion, as of Nov ’22

Q4. Reddit and Twitter used Dogecoin as a ______ for content creators?

  • a. Recognition token
  • b. Payment option
  • c. Voting mechanism

Correct answer: (b) Payment option

Quiz Details, Rewards And Winners

  • Quiz is available from 28th January to 5th February 2023.
  • 500 crypto wizards will get INR 100 worth of $DOGE tokens free.
  • Winners will be announced by 4th February 2023.
  • Tokens will be credited to winners’ account in 5-7 working days after announcement.

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