Coinmarketcap DeFiChain Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $15 DFI

Coinmarketcap DeFiChain Quiz Answers

Learn about Defichain and earn approx $15 worth of DFI tokens if you pass the quiz and I have updated Coinmarketcap DeFiChain quiz answers so that can you refer to them to get all answers correctly.

As compared to Binance and Coinbase quizzes, Coinmarketcap quiz does not give rewards to every participant. It select qualified users randomly by using a draw system.

For Defichain learn and earn quiz event, each selected user will receive 25 $DFI tokens worth approximately 15 dollars and 50 diamonds as a reward. Must take the educational lessons before taking the quiz.

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Rewards For Coinmarketcap Defichain Quiz

QuizCoinmarketcap learn & earn Defichain quiz
Valid from10th February – 11th March 2023
Reward pool$150,000 worth DFI
Rewards for each$15 DFI + 50 diamonds
Winners selectionRandom

How To Earn $15 From Defichain Quiz?

  • Open the quiz page from here – Coinmarketcap defi quiz
  • Scroll down and in the end of the page you will get take the quiz option.
  • Before starting it, just login to your account.
  • Complete the captcha and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • In the next step give your coinmarketcap registered email id and your Binance user ID.
  • Select all the correct answers for the given questions and proceed.
  • Submit your Defichain wallet address and follow coinmarketcap and defichain community.
  • Now add Defichain to your CMC public watchlist.
  • Done! now wait for the results.

Coinmarketcap DeFiChain Quiz Answers

Question 1. DeFiChain is built on ____ ?

Answer: Bitcoin

Question 2. What makes building on Bitcoin special?

Answer: It adds security to the blockchain because of it being non-turing complete

Question 3. How much total value locked does DeFiChain have?

Answer: > $200 million

Question 4. What are dAssets?

Answer: Synthetic tokens that mimic the value of real-world assets like e.g. stocks

Question 5. What kind of DeFi applications does the DeFiChain DEX offer?

Answer: Trading, loans, liquidity mining, minting of dAssets

Question 6. What is DeFi Meta Chain?

Answer: A sidechain of DeFiChain that offers full EVM and Web3 compatibility

Question 7. What can you do with $DFI?

Answer: Select all options a, b and c

Question 8. What is minting?

Answer: A process that is needed to keep DeFiChain running

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