A Beginner’s Guide to Binance Trading Quiz Answers

A Beginner's Guide to Binance Trading Quiz Answers

A beginner’s guide to Binance trading quiz answers – It is a saying that half knowledge is dangerous so in crypto trading. This Binance course will guide you to basic features of trading.

Also with learning you get a chance to earn crypto rewards after completing educational tasks, including reading articles, watching videos, and passing quizzes. In this quiz you get to earn free BUSD worth one dollar.

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Beginner's Guide to Binance Trading Quiz Answers

Question 1.  Binance Flexible Savings cannot be subscribed to and redeemed at any time. True or false?

Answer – False

Question 2. What is the trading fee when I use Binance Convert to buy crypto?

Answer – 0%

Question 3. Using BNB to pay for trading fees will grant users a discount. True or false?

Answer – True

Question 4. What are the essential steps to get started with Spot trading?

Answer – All options a, b, c and d

Question 5. A market order is a type of order to buy or sell a security at a specified price or better. True or false?

Answer – False

Question 6. I don’t need to complete KYC to buy cryptocurrency. True or false?

Answer – False

After completing the quiz you see a ‘quiz successfully completed’ message and within 48 hours you will receive a $1 BUSD cash voucher that can be claimed from the Binance reward center.

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