Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answers: Get a Free Index-Linked Plan

Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answers

Once again Binance is giving away free auto invest monthly plan to new users. If you are a new user then you can win free index-linked trial monthly plan if you give all correct Binance Auto Invest quiz answers.

I have already covered dual investment quiz answers and from this quiz event you can get dual investment subscription plan of 0.25 BUSD if you qualify.

The free index-linked monthly plan you get from this event is a trial subscription plan, basically you will get to know about different features of auto-invest for the first five months and meanwhile receiving interests at the end.

Auto Invest Index-Linked Plan Quiz

RewardAuto invest index-linked plan of 0.5 BUSD
WinnersFirst 10,000 new users 
TaskComplete a quiz
SelectionFirst come, first serve basis!
Promotion period30 Jan – 16 Feb 2023

Binance Auto Invest Quiz Answers

1. Auto-invest enables users to buy crypto on a recurring basis. What investment strategy is applied?

Ans – Dollar Cost Averaging

2. Auto-invest index-linked plan allows users to purchase the top ten cryptocurrencies ranked by.

Ans – Market Capitalization

3. Auto-invest index-linked plan allows users to buy the latest 10 top market cap crypto assets on a recurring basis. What is the key benefit of using an index-linked plan?

Ans – Diversification of the crypto assets and rebalancing of the purchased assets on a monthly basis

4. What is the benefit of the monthly rebalancing of the index-linked plan?

Ans – Maintain the desired asset allocation and risk level over time

Important Note

  • Users will get a free auto-invest index linked subscription trial plan.
  • All the qualified users will each receive a index linked subscription of 0.1 BUSD/month for five months.
  • The reward is available only to the first 10,000 new users of auto invest.
  • This promotion is not available to users in Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, UK, India, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, and Nigeria.
  • For more information regarding this event, visit Binance website.

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