Coinbase The Graph Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $4 GRT

Coinbase The Graph Quiz Answers

Coinbase the Graph quiz answers – This time Coinbase presented a new learn and earn quiz with a $4 worth of GRT tokens as a crypto reward.

Completing this quiz is like a having piece of cake because all you have to do is watch some videos that are already available and answer all quiz questions correctly.

Within a few minutes after taking the quiz, Coinbase will credit 4 dollars worth GRT tokens to your wallet. If you want then you can sell these tokens or just let it be as it is to gain more profit in the future.

Apart from the Graph quiz, there are three more quizzes which are still available that can give you free coins and they are Shping, Kava and Near protocol quiz. 

How To Earn $4 GRT From Graph Quiz?

To access the Coinbase graph quiz, you need to login your account first. Then head towards the learn and earn quiz page from the menu, there you will get a list of quizzes that are live to earn.

Choose the Graph quiz and start completing it. Total five questions are asked and you need to answer them all correctly to receive $4 GRT in your Coinbase wallet.

You can take the quiz by visiting the Coinbase learning rewards page – Click here

Coinbase The Graph Quiz Answers

Question 1. What information is indexed by The Graph?

Answer: Blockchain Data

Question 2. What do you earn for delegating GRT to an Indexer?

Answer: GRT tokens

Question 3. Who identifies high-quality, useful data on The Graph?

Answer: Curators

Question 4. What’s the best way to earn GRT rewards?

Answer: Delegate to a high-quality Indexer

Question 5. Which of the below is not a quality of web3 protocols?

Answer: Unlimited free cloud storage for photos

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