Coindcx EFI Token (Efinity) Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn ₹500 Worth EFI

Coindcx EFI Token Quiz Answers

Hey guys! I am back with another learn and earn opportunity from one of the famous Indian crypto exchange, Coindcx. In this post you will get Coindcx EFI token quiz answers.

The EFI (Efinity) token quiz is available in the Coindcx pro app and the EFI token rewards are available on a first come first serve basis, which means only the first comers will get assured cryptos.

The first 400 users amongst all will be given INR 500 worth of Efinity token as a appreciation reward. Previously I posted Coindcx ARV quiz and I hope you participated in that too.

Coindcx quizLearn and earn Efinity EFI token
Rewards₹500 worth EFI free
PrizewinnerFirst 400 winners only
No of questionssix questions
Announcement17th February 2023

How To Take Coindcx Efinity Quiz?

  • Open the coindcx pro app and login using mobile/email id.
  • Just on the homepage, search for the learn EFI and earn EFI quiz.
  • Tap on it and watch videos and complete the quiz.
  • In the last step submit your Coindcx registered email id.

Coindcx Learn & Earn EFI Token Quiz Answers

Question 1. Efinity uses _____ validators for its consensus mechanism?

Answer: Polkadot relay chain

Question 2. Which of these is a feature available on Efinity to increase scalability? 

Answer: Cross-chain bridges

Question 3. Efinity runs on which type of a governance model?

Answer: Decentralised

Question 4. Those who submit proposals on the Efinity network, must bond a minimum of ____ $EFI tokens.

Answer: 100,000

Question 5. What is a para token standard on Polkadot network?

Answer: Inter-operable, cross-chain tokens on $DOT ecosystem

Question 6. $EFI is used to incentivise _____ on the Efinity network.

Answer: Collaters & users

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