Learn & Earn Coindcx ARV Quiz Answers: Win ₹500 Worth ARV Tokens

Coindcx ARV Quiz Answers

Coindcx ARV Quiz Answers – Here comes a new learn and earn quiz from Coindcx pro app from which you can get ARV crypto token while learning about ARV.

Basically, Coindcx pro is a simple, secure, and superfast crypto exchange app in India. You can trade cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere through this simple app.

It has already decided that eligible users who get all six quiz questions correctly will enter a draw to win ₹500 worth $ARV. 400 winners amongst all the qualified participants can win $ARV.

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Free ₹500 ARV From Coindcx Quiz

To participate in the quiz you need to download the Coindcx pro app, just install the app from the below given link and login to your account.

Just above of the homepage in the app, slide the banners and click on the learn and earn ARV quiz banner. Start answering the questions one by one and at last submit your Coindcx registered email address.

Done! now wait, results will be announced on 10th February 2023.

How to particiapte in Coindcx ARV quiz:

  • Download the Coindcx pro app.
  • Then navigate to learn and earn ARV quiz.
  • Submit the answers and your Coindcx registered email id.
  • Score 6/6 to qualify for free ₹500 worth ARV.

Coindcx Learn & Earn ARV Quiz Answers

Q1. $ARV can be used for the following in the Ariva ecosystem?

Answer: Pay travel agents, initiate third party bookings

Q2. Ariva platform has various incentives to rewards its users in?

Answer: Native $ARV tokens

Q3. Ariva Ecosystem has its metaverse focused around?

Answer: Tourism

Q4. Ariva Ecosystem allows its users to create their own Tourist Center!

Answer: True

Q5. Ariva Finance allows you to receive payments from Customers in _____ .

Answer: in Crypto tokens

Q6. Ariva Finance solves which of these pain points for Buyers and Sellers online?

Answer: Paying additional and hefty transaction fees

Quiz Rewards & Winners

  • 400 crypto wizards will get ₹500 worth of $ARV coins.
  • Winners will be announced by 10th February 2023.
  • Tokens will be credited to winners’ account in 5-7 working days after announcement.

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