How Can Brands Interact With Consumers Using Shping? Coinbase Shping Quiz Answer

How Can Brands Interact With Consumers Using Shping?

How can brands interact with consumers using Shping?

Shping is basically a shopping app. It is one of the mostly loved apps in Australia because people spend a lot of time on this app while doing online shopping.

People call it a super app, because it give rewards its users by offering cryptocurrency coin which makes it unique. The crypto token it rewards reflects its brand loyalty, known as Shping coin, a convertible token.

Shping was founded in 2017 and its main aim was to connect brands, shoppers and consumers while building a great shopping interaction among them.

Users not only earn but can also save their expenses on Shping. Till today it is trusted by more than 3 lakh 300k+ and 100s of brands in Australia. Brands interact with consumers using Shping by rewarding consumers for their engagement.

On Shping shopping platform, brands can directly interact with customers through shoppers by providing what they actually want. And it does by helping businesses target their already existing customers.

It uses data of the customers who have already purchased that brand product/s, learn them and makes it efficient and targets only that chuck of people who are interested in knowing more about that particular brand products.

Also this platform encourage its users to give their recently bought product reviews in the form of video, picture or in written. So that it can be used to make others buy that product after knowing about it more via reviews.

Coinbase Shping Answer

Question – How can brands interact with consumers using Shping?

Correct answer is – Brands can reward consumers for engagement

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